Soil Analysis at Adams’ Farm

Adams’ Farm was quite the success for our soil analysis! It was my first time using the XRF (X-ray fluorescence) gun and it went quite swell.  It takes measurements from the soil (or any surface, but we are only concerned about the soil) in thirty seconds, and then displays the results on a screen with the concentrations of each element.  In the first picture below, I am taking measurements on a known soil sample to see if the instrument is working properly (note the cool holster).  The second picture depicts pink flags that mark our 9 sites, 6 paces away from each site.  At each site, we take an XRF reading, along with a sample of topsoil and a sample of soil underneath the surface (using a soil core sampler).  Each sample was placed in two, labeled plastic bags (to prevent outgassing) to be taken back to Lawrence for further testing.  Only 12 days until we leave!!

IMG_20150728_102448 (3)   P1030733 (3)

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