A Step Up

The transition from school absolutely killing me the last week, to hibernating for a week in the comfort of my basement with a friend, and now working a 9-some undetermined time job has been quite…smooth. A week, I believe, is an adequate amount of time to recover from a grueling term but any more and I become a sloth. I am a firm believer that summer break and winter break are necessary, but not for students to hang out at home an entire summer or winter, no. I think it is a time to finally shift our focus on independent projects or get started on that idea that you have been pondering for the past few months, whatever it may be. Personally, I have had a few ideas floating through my head that I have been eager to get started with or continue. Summers as a child seemed so empty, but now as time seems to be escaping me as I transition into adult hood, I wish I had more of it to pursue my interests. Despite how upsetting this might sound, this feeling is positive to me. Knowing what I want to spend the precious time I have on is certainly positive in my eyes.


About jaglowd

My name is David Jaglowski. I am a senior Computer Science/Mathematics major at Lawrence University. I am not officially part of the chemistry department but the research, under the guidance of Deanna Donohoue, that I will be doing over the summer will give me a better understanding of what field interests me in computer science due to the scientific approach that the research will be taking. I am developing a software to read data from a spectrometer and analyze that data to assist Deanna in her future research projects. I am a self-motivated individual who is currently working on several projects of my own time as well as a member of the computer science club at Lawrence University. I am looking forward for the summer and all the opportunities that it may hold.
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