What did we learn from the Summer 2015 Campaign

Hello all !

After a long hiatus in posting I wanted to update you on what we seem to be seeing from the data we collect last summer in the Williston Basin.

As Backgroundpolynomialthe data is collect during different weather conditions it has taken some time to figure out how to compare our sites to each other. We decided to do this by first establishing a relationship between ozone, temperature and relative humidity values from the sites not in the high fracking regions. The plot to the right shows this empirical relationship.


Using this empirical relationship we can determine an expected ozone for any temperature and relative humidity conditions. By taking the difference between the ozone values observed and the values calculated we can see a large difference between data obtained in the heart of the Williston Basin and  outside this region. There seems to be an 8 ppb increase of ozone inside the fracking region.

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