Looking forward to the Fall

It’s been about two weeks since I had my last day of summer work. The last few days before I left we had put everything back into ARTEMIS and checked to see if the power system worked. To my delight, and I’m sure Deanna’s as well, everything worked as expected. Besides a few slight adjustments to wires and labeling, it felt like a big accomplishment for the first time all summer. We repackaged the instruments in new foam layers.

It became almost immediately that some of the wires connected will eventually fall out, most likely in the field, which is a pain but manageable. The last two days a power test was being run, and the solar panel was working. We were unsure if it was the panel, which would have been a whole bunch worse, or if it was the solar controller. It appears to have been the solar controller, which makes everything easier (and cheaper). Everything seems to be working out to be able to head out and actually start a long term campaign.

I am excited to start the actual field campaign, but this summer was helpful and formative. I got experience in a lot of areas that I did not expect to. It was nice to see everyone progress in their own work this summer across disciplines. I am looking forward to running into problems in the field. I don’t think that optimism will carry through the fall, but I am looking forward to collecting data.

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