New Installment!

This past week held some major successes for us. We spent last Tuesday and Wednesday planning and constructing our particle sampling tower. It was really fun, I used a ton of tools that I’ve never used before in my life! (Learning life skills on the side). We were pretty worried about the actual installment of the tower though – we were just not confident that it would stay up, since the TSI box is about 50 lbs.

However, most of our worries were mitigated once we actually arrived on site on Thursday. We had planned to spend the entire day there, since we weren’t sure what kinds of obstacles would arise. But much to our luck, not many did! The stake went in the ground and we leveled it out without much of a fight. Daniel Martin, Lawrence’s stockroom supervisor, graciously came out to the site for a few hours to help us carry the tower and new, (heavy!) super tall ladder out 3/4 of a mile to ARTEMIS’s location. The tower went onto the stake quite easily, and we got 5 out of 6 bolts in to secure it.


I would say that the biggest challenge we faced that day was putting the tower anchors into the ground. The first one went into the ground easily! But the next two put up fights. Deanna wound up actually mallet-ing an old crowbar into the ground, since after 3 attempts with this one anchor it just refused to cooperate. We also wound up using some cinder blocks as a make-shift anchor to another line. Our security cables installed fine. We eventually moved ARTEMIS closer to the tower, because we had to connect the TSI to the power source, and the wires weren’t extremely long.

All in all it was a long and hard day, but everything wound up much easier than we were expecting. We ended the day with lemonade slushies as a personal reward!



The newest installment of ARTEMIS!

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