Lawrence University Science Institute

The day of the Lawrence University Science Institute carried eventful show casing of our summer research. With bright eyed prospective students and a lot of work to be done, there was not a boring moment. Nicki, Deanna, and I met up with our prospective students interested in Chemistry at Lawrence. We hit the road to Adam’s farm around 9am, where ARTEMIS was collecting data. In the car, we talked about our research and the college searching experience with our morning student. Remembering how stressful it could, be was a real throwback in nostalgia for Nicki and me. We shared our experiences and journey of coming to Lawrence until we reached the site.

We started collecting data, while Deanna was explaining more of the projects and reasons behind collecting Ozone, NOx, Particulate Matter, and Weather data. (Sadly, I still cannot reach the Kestrel even with the new and taller ladder.) This involved concerns surrounding Frac Sand Mining and how ozone acts in the Stratosphere and Troposphere.

Later we taught our prospective student how to reconnect the tubing running from the Monitors and Calibration sources using wrenches. However, the day did not go on without a few bumps in the road as our NOx Monitor data transmission got interrupted and we had to wait another 30minutes for the data to resubmit to our laptops.

Getting back on campus led to another fun talk in the Chemistry department with all our prospective students over lunch. We introduced ourselves and shared exciting disaster stories regarding our equipment exploding, flying away, and fruits of our work being lost.

After refueling for the other half of the day, Nicki and I met up with our next two prospective students to go back out to the field at Adam’s Farm. Our second round of calibrating and gathering data was filled with sharing experiences at Lawrence and knowledge about ARTEMIS. We encountered a good period of waiting time while the calibration sources warmed up. During this time, we talked more about the possibilities in classes at Lawrence and gained a few grass braids I proudly donned for the rest of the day. The long wait time for calibrations took its toll as we only just made it back to campus on time by 4:30.

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