Frustrating Week

We have had some pretty frustrating challenges this week, mostly with the instruments. The NOx cable connection is extremely weak – every time we so much as touch the NOx box, it powers off, making data download really finicky and personally stressful. At first the TSI wasn’t logging data for more than 24 hours, but once we solved that problem and Fry and I went out to tend to ARTEMIS on our own, it presented new, never-before-seen problems that we hope we have solved by now. We have made little progress in making Arduino CO2, noise, and dust sensors that log data, but that isn’t one of our highest priorities.

Another pretty serious drawback we encountered this week was learning that that the 16oz N2O canisters we use to calibrate the NOx box are discontinued worldwide. We discovered this when Deanna thought she ordered the correct size canisters, but when they came half the size, we investigated and learned this news. So now we have a new project up our sleeves: we will be 3D printing an adapter for the N2O canister sleeve, so that we can center and fit the smaller canister inside, and hopefully the puncture will work as usual. Though we do have this tentative solution to the problem, it directly affects us every ARTEMIS visit because we are now unable to calibrate the instrument until we 3D print the adapter. Although the NOx box is less likely to turn wonky on us, I am concerned that the longer it takes to calibrate the instrument again, the more potential for our data to become weird.

In other news, Rstudios has been the positive light in the week. We can now officially make plots with all the data, including the TSI particle data. Now the next challenge is to find appropriate color schemes for our complex correlation plots.

Here is an example of one of the plots we recently made: this shows TSI particle counts over the last couple of days, with each species noted by particle size in (μm).


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