A New Set of Tools

Week 7 held a lot of preparation for what will happen in the next two weeks. As Deanna will leave us to more independent work, Nicki and I started to focus more on coding and Raman Spectroscopy.

For a majority of the week, Deanna planned out the structure of the R language we are using to analyze the data from our NOx and Ozone Monitors, Kestrel, and TSI. So far, we have a lot of great correlation plots and are figuring out the optimal way to present our data. We are using the “OpenAir Manual” as a guide for understanding how to work the code for the plots and figures.

In addition to learning a new language, we finished our tutorial through using Raman Spectroscopy Instruments. With a tiny chip of silicon, a faux pearl, and real pearl, Nicki and I were able to see the differences the data we gathered and successfully gathered similar data to those from previous findings. These new skill sets will bring us farther in our data analysis.

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