A week of odd jobs and shopping

This week has been fairly uneventful and feels like it has been mostly shopping. A new power system is going to be put into ARTEMIS in the near future, which should be a large step forward in the effort to increase the time the trailer would be able to be left in the field. We also ordered an enclosure for the particle sizer and are in the process of thinking about getting a new tower. The highlight of my week was a red wagon, which will be used to haul replacement batteries, came in. It took longer than expected to assemble, but was a nice break from the normal work and it was nice to be able to boast to my friends about getting to play with a wagon during work. I am super excited about the potential of this new power system and less excited about how the installation will be.13694130_1439772302706986_599903939_o

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Adams Farm and More!

I had another energizing week doing research with Deanna and the crew. I did not not anticipate going back out to Adam’s Farm again but it was for the best that I was out there testing out the MAXDOAS. Not only to not have to relay instructions and hope nothing goes wrong but I was able to get a better sense of what it is like actually working out in the field, so when it comes to making modifications I have a new perspective in mind when further developing the MAXDOAS. I also have a new top secret project I am working on…just kidding, Deanna and so many others would thrilled to have some kind of software to help process their enormous amount of data, so that is where I come in. I’ll be looking forward to see how this project and the rest of the summer turn out.

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The ICP Turns On!!!

After many years of the ICP (inductively coupled plasma) not working we were able to turn on the plasma this thursday. Someone from the ICP company came in and fixed it. One of the many problems with this instrument was that there were lots of water droplets in the spray camber and the nebulizer. This caused the plasma to flicker a little and then go out. In order to fix this Tory (the guy from the company) took some argon gas and blew the water droplets out.  After that we started training on the software, but ran into some bugs. For the most part the ICP is working.

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Back at Adams Farm

This week we took ARTEMIS to Adams Farm and I got experience with actually packing up the trailer for a distance further than Briggs. The week has been focused on ways to improve the long term viability of the trailer and I am looking forward to seeing how that comes together as the summer progresses.

Adams farm_back

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Calibrating to the start of summer

First blog post! To kickoff this summer, we headed to Adams farm to see where we will be doing our field testing. Deanna staked out a small plot where we will set ARTEMIS up in about 2 weeks. It was great to get away from campus and I am looking forward to dragging ARTEMIS out there soon. The rest of the week has been an introduction to ARTEMIS’s components and making sure everything is working properly. Let the record show I am still optimistic about moving ARTEMIS, even after I saw how far we are going to have to lug her.

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I Did Not Break the HPLC

Hi there!

This is my first post and this week my goal was to go through a tutorial on the HPLC. I had work the HPLC once analytical chemistry, but because it was with a class I did not step up it up. Any way everything went according to plan expect for the shut down. I thought I was running 85% methanol and 15% buffer, but it turned out I was running air! When this happened the machine beeped at me and I thought I may have broken it. Long story short I replaced the methanol with a new one and was able to continue with the shut down. I am nearly finished with this goal. All I have left to do is analyze my results. 🙂

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What did we learn from the Summer 2015 Campaign

Hello all !

After a long hiatus in posting I wanted to update you on what we seem to be seeing from the data we collect last summer in the Williston Basin.

As Backgroundpolynomialthe data is collect during different weather conditions it has taken some time to figure out how to compare our sites to each other. We decided to do this by first establishing a relationship between ozone, temperature and relative humidity values from the sites not in the high fracking regions. The plot to the right shows this empirical relationship.


Using this empirical relationship we can determine an expected ozone for any temperature and relative humidity conditions. By taking the difference between the ozone values observed and the values calculated we can see a large difference between data obtained in the heart of the Williston Basin and  outside this region. There seems to be an 8 ppb increase of ozone inside the fracking region.

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