Here is a Who’s Who of the lab. Get to know the people who are working in the lab at Lawrence

Dr. Deanna Donohoue – I received Deanna_Donohoue-150x150my B.A. in Chemistry from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD in 2000. After taking a year off to work in Guatemala, I went to the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami and earned my Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry under Dr. Anthony Hynes. My Ph.D work focused on the gas phase oxidation of mercury and included both the measurement of fundamental rate coefficients and method development in the detection of mercury species  In January of 2008, I moved from Miami FL to Fairbanks AK where worked as post-doctoral fellow at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks with Dr. William Simpson. My work at UAF focused on the halogen chemistry of the arctic and the use of remote sensing (Ground and satellite measurement) to understand the halogen chemistry of the Arctic. I then moved to the University of East Anglia, in Norwich England, to combine my experience with mercury and halogen chemistry. There I worked with Dr. Roland von Glasow on the impacts of passively degassing volcanoes on the biogeochemical cycling of trace gases species such as ozone, mercury, and halogens. I joined Lawrence University in the fall of 2013.


Current Students

Summer Research Students

Small Fry Intia ’19 – I am a rising junior chemistry major at Lawrence University and am from Chicago, IL. I went into Chemistry with an environmental interest and am guided by Dr. Donohoue. I hope to gain a better understanding of atmospheric chemistry this summer by working with ARTEMIS regarding sand frack mining. I am an HRLA, Bon Appetít Student Supervisor, Chemistry stockroom Assistant, Lawrence University Women in Science (aka LU Scientista) Co-President, and 2017-2018 LUCC Class Representative.

Nicolette Puskar ’19 – My name is Nicolette (Nicki) Puskar and I am from Vero Beach, FL. I am a senior with a double major in chemistry and vocal performance at Lawrence University. This summer I am deeply excited to be working with Deanna on her mobile lab ARTEMIS. We will be testing if ARTEMIS is ready for long, unattended deployments by using her to detect the air quality on Adams Farm: a local WI farm that is located near a sand fracking site. All of my life I have been equally drawn to opposite sides of the academic world –science and art. In this, I am most inspired by aspects of chemistry that somehow combine the two. Whether it’s in imaging, photography, design or creating art using awesome chemical reactions, I hope to devote my life to building a seemingly un-connectable bridge. Outside of the chemistry department I am a member of the Lawrence University Concert Choir, Hybrid Ensemble, and Outdoor Recreation Club, and I am employed as a Lawrence Music Scholar at FCUCC, Lawrence’s Choral Librarian, and a Music Theory tutor.


Past Students

David Jaglowski ’17 – I am a soon to be senior Computer Science/Mathematics major at Lawrence University. I am not officially part of the chemistry department but the research, under the guidance of Deanna Donohoue, that I will be doing over the summer will give me a better understanding of what field interests me in computer science due to the scientific approach that the research will be taking. I am developing a software to read data from a spectrometer and analyze that data to assist Deanna in her future research projects. I am a self-motivated individual who is currently working on several projects of my own time as well as a member of the computer science club at Lawrence University. I am looking forward for the summer and all the opportunities that it may hold.

Wyatt_2Wyatt Smith ’18 – I am a rising junior chemistry major from Antioch, IL, which is right on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. This summer I am looking forward to learning all about and working with ARTEMIS and learning more about instrumentation. I am also a RLA, and volunteer with VITAL and more recently with the Fox Valley Literacy Council.  I am excited to get experience in the lab and field and to hopefully have a formative summer.

Lauren Welton-Arndt ’17 – I am a rising senior Biochemistry major who is from Middleton, WI. For the summer I will be looking at different supplements using HPLC and ICP to see how well the supplement industry is self-regulating itself. Outside of school I am in the Lawrence University Symphonic band, Mortar Board and Lawrence University Women in Science.


Julia Jaglowski ’16 – I am a senior at Lawrence UniversityJulia2 that joined the chemistry department at the end of my sophomore year. I grew up in Chicago and came to Lawrence thinking that I was going to be a biology major, but after taking Deanna Donohoue’s Environmental Chemistry course my entire mindset shifted towards chemistry. I have a great interest in analytical/ environmental chemistry and instrumentation and hope to pursue a career pertaining to both of those interests. I will be working in the chemistry stockroom this coming fall as an instrument assistant, which will include creating video procedures and prepping instruments for teaching labs. Aside from my participation in the Chemistry Department I am also the President of People for Animal welfare on campus, a Vital Tutor in both chemistry and biology, Lawrence Intramural volleyball player, a Kohl’s employee, and a frequent babysitter for Lawrence faculty and staff.

Mikhail Trought ’16 – My name is MikhaMeekoil “Meeko” Trought. I am a senior chemistry major and Chinese minor at Lawrence University. I am a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica. Under the guidance of Dr. Donohoue, I developed an interest in analytical chemistry and instrumentation with the use of open source technology. My ongoing project’s goal is to create an air quality instrument that can measure various environmental factors using an Arduino micro-controller and various sensors. I am the 2015 recipient of the Harold B. Zuehlke and Richard W. Zuehlke Research Fund for Physical Science, Student Manager for Bon Appetit at Lawrence University, and a proud fan of Kpop. My dream is to be just as successful as my favorite Kpop band “Big Bang” but only in terms of my contribution to the chemistry community.

Students with External Research Opportunities

DavidDavid Jumes ’17- I am a rising Senior born and raised from Grand Chute, WI.  I enjoy spending my time at Lawrence by being a captain on the men’s tennis team, volunteering through Rotaract club and being Treasurer of the ACS student chapter.  I was a part of Professor Donohoue’s atmospheric chemistry field campaign last summer (see ‘Home’ tab for details) and now am interning at Mote Research Institution in the Florida Keys studying ocean acidification.  I am excited to see where this summer will take me and to broaden my understanding of environmental chemistry.

IssaMelissa Rooney ’17 – I am a senior Chemistry major from Racine, WI. As a junior, I worked with Professor Donohoue to incorporate an HPLC component into an existing lab procedure for the analytical chemistry course. I am currently part of the Cornell Food Science Summer Scholars Program studying off-aromas in wine. Specifically, I am using GC-Olfactometry and HPLC-MS to identify potent thiols that develop in bottle. Outside of Chemistry, I spend most of my time playing on the Lawrence Women’s Soccer Team, leading trips through the Outdoor Recreation Club, or drinking coffee.

Sarah Zaccarine ’17 –


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