Welcome to the Donohoue Research Lab webpage at Lawrence University

My research program has two major branches of research:

  • An Atmospheric Chemistry Research Program aimed at developing a better understanding of chemical oxidation in the troposphere by characterizing locations with unique/clear chemical signatures and comparing that to what we expect based on our current understanding of chemistry.
  • An Analytical Chemistry Research Program focused on Brewing Science, focused on developing new methods for quality assurance procedures that can be implemented by brewers.

Both of these projects stem from prior expertise and will build dynamic research program for years to come. Figure 1 highlights the connections between my work prior to Lawrence, my work at Lawrence, and my future work. While the motivations, implications, and products for the two branches of my research are very different, at the core they ask similar questions and complement each other. The position and titles of each project in the figure tie them to specific aspects of my research plan.

Reappointment Flow Chart_6

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